Slide The video-capsule revolution Unique features that make your video content creation more simple,
engaging and meaningful than any other solution on the market.


Your video capsules

Easy creation
Create your video capsule in a few simple steps. No need for video production skills, even less for a studio: the Qontent platform does it all through your own computer.

Branded mini-website
Your video, your branding! Each capsule is hosted on a branded, dedicated mini-site that creates a sense of proximity with your audiences. This can be done in any language.

Automatic video chaptering
Your video may be long, but your audience won’t see it that way! It’s automatically divided into chapters, so they can focus on exactly what they want to see and hear.

User experience
Your audience chooses which video chapters to watch. Easy access to relevant content drastically increases your impact.

All data you need to engage your audience further

Usage statistics

Get data on numbers of unique visitors, registered visitors, how long they watch each video, which questions are most viewed….

Engagement index

Get a unique engagement index showing the users’ interest in each video capsule.

Continuous data gathering

The video capsule is available online to your audience. You get real-time access to data on the most relevant content for your target.


Everything else you need


Shareable URL

Each video capsule generates its own sharable link to be posted on social media, in email campaigns, on your own website… anywhere really


Document upload

Visitors can be required to upload documents in order to watch the video capsule (e.g., questionnaires, certificates, CVs…)


Screen sharing

Share your screen and include a presentation in your video capsule to enrich your communication and boost user engagement.


Login access

Different levels of access allow you to make your video capsules exclusive… or open to all


Transcription or translation through subtitles

Subtitles can be added to your videos so your audience can enjoy the content with the sound turned off or in other languages.



Production of video capsules can be done in any language.

Other functions

Email your audience – Access to their contacts details – Share on social media – Public/private setting & more.


Create a hub to fuel each step of the audience journey

Bring your video capsules together on a page integrated into your own website or intranet and make it available anytime, for as many as people you want.


We got you covered

We are a people-to-people company — we don’t hide behind our platform. Our team is ready to help you to get most out of a video capsule for your specific purposes. Talk to us about:

  • Rich and engaging onboarding
  • Tutorials and training material
  • Tech support